New Hughcards, 12th February, 2018

Big News: “The New York Cards 1997-2017”


So here’s the new deal:

[PS: This only applies to the original black & white Hughcards, the “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards”. This does NOT apply to the Gapingvoid color prints, which are still freely available via their website.]

All the Hughcards drawn from the first twenty years 1997-2017 are part of a larger, magnus opus, entitled “The New York Cards” (named after the city where they got their start). The hope is to get the entire piece displayed on a single wall, as a single entity, in major museum or art institution.

[If you’re with, or know somebody with an art museum or institution, with an interest in either showing or acquiring The New York Cards for their permanent collection, please reach out:]

So forthwith, none of 1997-2017 Hughcards are for sale. If you wish to acquire one in future, it’ll only be from the ones 2018 and after.

The 2018+ cards might form part of a larger piece down the road, watch this space.

The idea of this split is to have at least one major, museum-worthy opus for posterity, while also leaving something for friends, galleries, collectors, whatever.

Visit the New York Cards archive here:

I hope this all makes sense…?

The Last New York Card, December 2017

The very first New York Card from 1997, along with the very last one from 2017. End of an era. Kinda.

New Hughcards, 31st December 2017